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"Video email marketing reaps 280% higher returns than direct mail" --- Gartner Research Up until now, when you wanted to send video by email, you wrote the email, included a link and people might read the description and maybe they'd click the link.

Pictures really do speak a thousand words and MyVideoDesigner allows you to create beautiful and compelling video emails in minutes - you don't need to be a programmer or designer. Create an email and custom design it with full color images, logos and banners - multiple color options allow you truly match your brand image. Send an email snapshot of your design to your recipient's inbox and as they simply click on it -- up POPS your video. Completely customizable, graphic-rich, easy to use.

You will be able to custom design stunning emails that have tremendous impact. You don't need to be a designer or a tech wiz. Our design team and tech wizards have built that genius into the system. The emails look great, you look great and the messages get opened, looked at, clicked on and viewed! That's the power and simplicity of MyVideoDesigner.

Completely new architecture allows you to:

1. Upload a full-sized, full-width banner - creates professional and compelling look. You can customize the entire video email so it's cohesive with your banner, color scheme and brand

2. Custom colors added at the click of your mouse - for the ENTIRE video email frame and the background of your video. Now you can easily create a look and feel that will rival videos that are custom created by professional designers. We put the power of design in your hands - you'll be sending out the best looking video emails on the planet.

3. Making you look great is what MyVideoDesigner is all about. As easy as it is to use and as great as the visual impact is, you know it needs to be easy on the other end - so it can be easily viewed. MyVideoDesigner works on every platform out there - Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, you name it. And, your new system plays video in Flash and the latest H.264 format - cutting edge technology that's easy-to-use and has tremendous visual impact.