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"The Internet Video Commercial is the next generation of online advertising." --- John Vail, Director of Marketing, Pepsi-Cola N. America MyVideoChannel allows you to easily create custom content. Video is the most powerful communication medium on the planet. Get your personal or business message out to your target audience, with no competition or third party advertisers popping up. Your own private video channel on the web to showcase your content. Brand your MyVideoChannel with custom colors and banners.

With MyVideoChannel it’s now simple and easy to have your own personal website to showcase your business, your family, your hobbies, whatever you choose. Create separate sites for the different parts of your life. It’s designed so that ANYONE can use it ‘right out of the box’ - it couldn’t be easier.

Anyone can promote their business in ways that just weren’t possible until now. Not only is MyVideoCHannel fully and easily customizable, it’s all in HIGH DEFINITION - you’re going to love what state-of-the-art HD does for business - the sky is the limit!

Most companies would love to reach people with an online video message, but they have no idea how to do it. Often they’re intimidated by the technology, and are afraid it would be a huge financial investment. Now there’s a simple, easy and cost-effective way to reach any target audience.

Business owners are aware that online video is the most powerful marketing tool out there. They just don’t know any easy way to tap into the marketing power of video. Their businesses will benefit and so will yours. This wave is just beginning. Imagine the businesses you can introduce to this simple easy-to-use tool and how your business can grow and profit from the technology everyone already wants.

Be part of the new market domination. Our vision is to see MyVideoChannel be the new buzzword in business marketing. Be part of the MVT Revolution and the millions that will be made introducing this new technology around the world.